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Office equipment maintenance

Nowadays, it’s difficult to imagine a normal workflow without computers, laptops, printers, scanners, shredders. They help us find the information we need, process data faster, or even develop new software that will conquer the world. All of these refer to office equipment, and its mission is to make our lives easier.

Обслуживание офисной оргтехники

What is office equipment?

Every year, there are more and more new devices in the world. Instead of typewriters we have computers, copies of documents are made in a couple of seconds using a copier and presentations for major projects could be created in any handy editor without an illustrator spending nights drawing tables and charts. All the devices that help speed up a company’s administrative and clerical activities are office equipment.

What office equipment is used in the office?

Depending on the business area, each company may use different equipment to achieve its goals, but there is a basic set:

Personal computer or laptop

To collect, process, store, and output information. It helps you send a letter to a contractor as well as compile a financial report for the year.


Helps you print out any document. There are inkjet and laser printers. Although most companies are moving to digital documentation, it’s still difficult to imagine even the smallest office without printers.


Creates a digital copy of the physical document so that it can be edited, shared or saved.


For copying printed documents.


A multifunctional device that combines a scanner, printer, and copier.


Helps you shred any document so that it cannot be put back together.

The bigger a company is, the more employees and office equipment  are there. And the more equipment you have, the harder it is to keep track of it. Therefore, maintenance should be trusted to specialists who daily help many companies run smoothly and trouble-free every day.

For instance, the OS.ECO team

What does office equipment maintenance include?

Office equipment services are an action strategy aimed at maintaining the serviceability and troubleshooting of computers, printers, scanners, etc. These include diagnostics, preventive maintenance, repairs, and recommendations for further work.

Diagnostics is an activity taken to assess the condition of the equipment. It helps to identify the cause of frequent breakdowns or failures, deviation from operating parameters. Preventive maintenance is a series of actions to prevent malfunctions. It helps to increase the performance level of the devices and minimise all risks of failure. If diagnostics and preventive maintenance are not carried out systematically, you’ll not avoid repair or purchase of new equipment.

Настройка оргтехники

So, the maintenance of office equipment in OS.ECO includes:

Selection and installation of equipment for customer needs

Installation of OS and software with further updates

Upgrading computer systems

Setting up antivirus software

Data backup


Condition monitoring

Sounds good, doesn’t it? Then it’s time you met the OS.ECO team to learn even more about how to protect your equipment from breakdowns and malfunctions.

Why should you outsource the maintenance of office equipment?

The main advantage of outsourcing is freedom. Your freedom from the problems that come with equipment. You just outsource maintenance to the OS.ECO team and continue to run your business. Another benefit of outsourcing is the savings on technicians, who you no longer need to employ, train and supervise their every move.

Are you ready to take a step towards a simple and reliable solution? Let us know, and we’ll take care of the rest.

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