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ИТ-компании: клиенты IT-аутсорсинговой компании OS.ECO

IT outsourcing

Maintenance of office equipment and computers, monitoring and administration of network appliances, troubleshooting.

Услуги обслуживания видеонаблюдения

Video surveillance

Individual design, installation, and configuration of a video surveillance system to monitor and secure your office or private property.

Услуги по обслуживанию серверов

Server maintenance

Server installation, maintenance, and configuration to ensure service uptime and reliable data protection from loss and hacking.

Услуги девопса

DevOps services

A set of necessary measures to optimise IT processes, reduce development time, and improve the quality of the final product.

Услуги системного администратора

System administrator

A remote or on-site systems administrator can help solve any issues with your computer or peripherals' performance.

Providing IT services for business: choose reliable solutions

Every business needs many types of IT services, and every business owner needs to make a choice: keep such specialists on staff or rely on outsourcing companies. This choice is easier than it sounds.

Why outsourcing IT services is a smart move?

Keeping an entire department is too costly, especially when it comes to IT services for small businesses. For medium-sized businesses, this can also be a burden: skilled workers need to be retained with high salaries, generous social packages and other bonuses. And a few such employees might not be enough. Outsourcing solves these problems. You get the opportunity to engage as many high-quality specialists as you need at any given time, without overstaffing. That’s exactly what OS.ECO gives you. The main concern associated with using IT services remotely is security issues. You reasonably think that careless technicians might damage the infrastructure or share sensitive data with third parties. But the way to secure your business is simple – not to order the services of an IT specialist anywhere, but cooperate with companies that have already established themselves in the international market.

Three reasons to order IT services from OS.ECO

No matter what IT services you need for your business – maintaining servers, workstations, networking and office equipment, deploying video surveillance or DevOps – you can always count on:


Our employees have more than 10 years of experience and an impeccable reputation not only in Kyiv and Ukraine as a whole, but also in England, Georgia, Latvia, Cyprus, and Malta. We provide legal guarantees of confidentiality and always comply with the terms of the contract.

Accurate cost calculation for IT services

No unpleasant surprises afterwards. Even before you sign the contract, you can find out how much our IT specialists will cost you. If none of the plans offered on the website is suitable, simply calculate your option using the service calculator.


Time is money. We lose neither. We start working as soon as the contract is drawn up, we eliminate unexpected problems as quickly as possible and are ready to consult you at any time. Our team works 24/7 without holidays or weekends.

Ukraine and many other countries have already made their choice. Now it’s your turn. To be the best, you have to work with the best. Outsourcing allows you to do this inexpensively and with a guarantee of results.

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