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Server: preparation, setting up, remote maintenance

The server is an IT infrastructure heart. To keep this heart working well, you should take its maintenance seriously. What is included in server maintenance, how to prepare the equipment for operation, what are the difficulties with server equipment, and why are companies increasingly moving to remote maintenance? You will learn about all this in our article.

Настройка и обслуживание серверов

What is server maintenance?

Server maintenance is a set of measures and activities aimed at keeping the server running smoothly and to a high standard. Timely maintenance allows you to detect hidden problems and fix them in time. The server maintenance includes:

Analysis and audit of existing server infrastructure

We carefully examine your server and network infrastructure to make recommendations on how to reorganise and optimise it.

IT infrastructure monitoring

We design and implement monitoring systems with immediate 24/7 incident response.

Dealing with virtual and physical servers

Our team installs the operating system and required software. We define and configure security policies. Then we design and implement virtualisation and clustering systems.

Technical support and service

We identify the causes of server infrastructure failures and fix them reliably. If necessary, we upgrade the server. We replace disks or components through the data center.

Configuring a server backup

Not only do we set up server backups, but we also periodically check that data can be restored from these backups from.

Network configuration

We maintain existing LANs and VLANs as well as design and implement new ones. Our team provides a strong DDoS attack protection system.

At the same time, to avoid many problems, specialists also carry out preventive activities such as software updates, scheduled server restarts, virus prevention, data monitoring and much more.

Preparation of equipment for use

Server maintenance begins with an audit. Based on the audit results, we make recommendations on the server group structure, its hardware and software. Preparatory work also includes connecting the power supply, installing the OS and software, as well as making backups. Such tasks are best entrusted to professionals, because the smooth operation of both the servers and your company depends on a good start.

Server maintenance

The most important process in server maintenance is continuous monitoring, which should only be entrusted to professionals. Monitoring also includes a number of preventative operations: scheduled updates, reboots, virus prevention, defragmentation by various utilities, and data checking. These operations are carried out only in agreement with the company owner, outside business hours, not to disrupt the work of the entire company.

What problems could there be with the server?

There are a number of difficulties that occur in the operation of server hardware. It can either be the result of a virus infection or a hardware malfunction. The most common problems are the following:

Errors made in the settings

Faulty components

DoS/DDoS attacks

Operating system is misconfigured

Physical disconnection from the network

Continuous server administration and maintenance are required to detect and correct issues in good time.

How can outsourcing help?

Remote server maintenance is a highly sought-after service worldwide. Here are just a few factors in favour of outsourcing:

24/7 support

to ensure that all incoming requests are dealt with promptly.

The team of professionals

We design and implement monitoring systems with immediate 24/7 incident response.

Timely prevention

which includes taking care of regular software updates, backups, data recovery after unexpected failures and much more.

Cost reduction

because you don't need to keep all the specialists on staff.

Want to know more? You are welcome to contact the OS.ECO team and find the best solution for your company today.

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