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DevOps services

A set of necessary measures to optimise IT processes, reduce development time, and improve the quality of the final product.

When do you need DevOps services and where to find professionals: IT outsourcing comes to the aid

The answer to the first question will surprise many: always. If your team deals with software development and integration, you can’t do without DevOps engineers, especially when it comes to microservice architecture and CI/CD approaches to integration and update deployment.

This IT profession is relatively new, but the need for DevOps services has been around for a long time. Previously, such tasks were performed by the most experienced developers and system engineers. It was not financially profitable and not efficient enough: programmers lacked administration experience, and administrators lacked development experience. DevOps engineers combined the strengths of these two professions.

In this field, the demand for professionals far outstrips the supply. That is why DevOps prices continue to rise. Not all companies can afford to have such an employee on staff. In addition, such professionals could be poached from their workplaces by competitors. The solution to this problem is outsourcing, which is exactly what OS.ECO offers you.

Услуги DevOps

DevOps Services: what is under the power of our team?

All kinds of things. When you entrust us with IT infrastructure planning and integration, you rely not on one employee, but on a team of experienced professionals applying the best DevOps methodologies. We have proven ourselves not only in Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine, but also in England, Georgia, Latvia, Cyprus, and Malta. In these countries, OS.ECO has become synonymous with reliability, efficiency and versatility.

The following are just some areas in which our DevOps team works today:

Automation of the deployment of testing and development environment

We automate the installation and configuration of the necessary software on the server for testing and product development.

Configuration management and automation with Ansible

With Ansible, we optimise the server experience, making it easier and faster to manage the server configuration.

Setting up monitoring and alert systems, collecting and analysing metrics

We connect your entire infrastructure to a monitoring and alarm system for smooth operation and rapid incident response.

Automation and optimisation of the infrastructure deployment to cloud services and dedicated services

We move your digital assets to cloud services or dedicated servers quickly and optimally for you.

Process automation

We automate every possible manual process for your business, from hiring employees to processing your customers' applications.

Implementation of Jira, Confluence, Servicedesk systems

We implement Jira, Confluence and Servicedesk to simplify workflow management and customer order processing.

The disaster recovery plan, implementation/optimisation of backup solutions

We design backup solutions specifically for your business in case of accidents or equipment failure in your infrastructure.

Working remotely, our DevOps team is ready to join the project at any stage, including at the very beginning during the initiation. We will also help you scale-up scenarios and choose the most suitable platform. Our experience and professionalism will ensure you don’t make any mistakes, saving time and money.

We provide services in the following countries

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What to expect from us?


Working with us, you reduce application inaccessibility and the possibility of corporate data leakage to zero, and ensure overall security.

Improve software quality

We help you find and fix bugs at the earliest stages of product development.

Optimise infrastructure costs

Minimise costs because you only pay for what you use.

How do we cooperate?

Receiving an application

We’ll call you back to clarify all your task details.

Providing an audit

We analyse your IT infrastructure for potential bottlenecks.

Providing recommendations

We make reasonable recommendations for the improvement and/or integration of your infrastructure.


We integrate, optimise and support your system 24/7/365.

Our Portfolio

Setting up a security and video surveillance systems

Service: Support for offices and any other locations

Opening a 200-employee office in two months instead of three

Service: Support for offices and any other locations

Recovering from a large-scale DDoS attack

Service: Cyber security and IT support


System administrators do not develop the product, unlike a DevOps engineer. Moreover, the DevOps engineer is involved in all product life cycles. The system administrator only uses the finished product.

DevOps engineer focuses on maximising the efficiency and security of software development.

Mostly DevOps work with open source tools such as Kubernetes, Docker, Istio, GitHub Actions, Jenkins, etc.

Yes, of course. Not everyone can keep DevOps on staff, especially if it’s a small business or non-IT company.

We are here to assist you

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