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Server maintenance

Server installation, maintenance, and configuration to ensure service uptime and reliable data protection from loss and hacking.

Обслуживание серверов: качественная и бесперебойная работа локальной сети

Server maintenance: types and features

There is too much riding on a server to neglect its diagnostics and maintenance. Taking care of the equipment on time means saving your company from unexpected costs and forced downtime. And this is no longer an expense, but an investment in work efficiency.

Although the stable operation of any IT system is impossible without proper control and maintenance of the equipment, it doesn’t always make sense to allocate a full-time position for this work. Usually, it is much more profitable to order remote server administration from an outsourcer. Entrusting this task to the experts at OS.ECO, you will get a smoothly running system, whatever happens.

Server maintenance can be a one-off service or a subscription service. Most customers choose subscription server maintenance because it implies comprehensive support. The servers could be dedicated (DS) or virtual (VPS). A dedicated server (DS) is a physically separate machine which belongs to you. A Virtual Server (VPS) is a dedicated capacity (drive, CPU, etc.) on a physical server, which can have several such servers.

The service includes

Analysis and audit of existing server infrastructure

We carefully examine your server and network infrastructure to make recommendations on how to reorganise and optimise it.

IT infrastructure monitoring

We design and implement monitoring systems with immediate 24/7 incident response.

Dealing with virtual and physical servers

Our team installs the operating system and required software. We define and configure security policies. Then we design and implement virtualisation and clustering systems.

Technical support and service

We identify the causes of server infrastructure failures and fix them reliably. If necessary, we upgrade the server. We replace disks or components through the data centre.

Configuring a server backup

Not only do we set up server backups, but we also periodically check that data can be restored from these backups.

Network configuration

We maintain existing LANs and VLANs as well as design and implement new ones. Our team provides a strong DDoS attack protection system.

Server maintenance regulations

Server maintenance services are always a strict sequence of activities:


Pre-arrangement with the client on the timing and work with the servers.


Responding to incidents (increased server load, unavailability, etc.) within 15 minutes at any time of the day or night (yes, even on weekends).


We monitor the used disk space and work to optimise it.

We provide services in the following countries

Server maintenance cost


from 113 $
  • Linux/Windows;
  • Support for one VPS;
  • Up to 10 hours per month;
  • Monitoring: 5×8;
  • Service hours: Mon-Fri from 10:00 to 19:00


from 200 $
  • Linux/Windows;
  • Single VPS or dedicated server support;
  • Up to 25 hours per month;
  • Monitoring: 24/7;
  • Service hours: 24/7


от 400 $
  • Linux/Windows;
  • Support for one dedicated server or up to 20 VPSs;
  • Providing virtualisation systems;
  • No time limit;
  • Monitoring: 24/7;
  • Service hours: 24/7

Advantages of working with OS.ECO

Our team has long been at the forefront of comprehensive IT outsourcing in Ukraine. There are at least four reasons for this:


We work under an official server maintenance contract. Therefore, we are directly responsible for the results.


We understand that you choose to outsource for convenience and economy, so we’ve ensured that the cost is equivalent to the quality of service provided, not higher.


Over ten years, we’ve built up a team of sysadmins whose skills complement each other perfectly.


Server failures can cause problems of any size. That's why we carry out scheduled tasks quickly, and urgent ones instantly. But not to the detriment of the quality of work.

That is why we’re trusted with server administration and maintenance by Kyiv and all of Ukraine, as well as England, Georgia, Malta, Latvia, and Cyprus. Now it’s your turn to see for yourself the professionalism of our specialists.

Stages of cooperation

Submitting a request

Make a request, and we’ll call you back to clarify all your task details.

Providing an audit

We analyse your server infrastructure and make recommendations on its optimisation.

Carrying out optimisation

We reorganise your server infrastructure and then connect your monitoring and alert system.


We outsource your server infrastructure and take care of all the maintenance.

Our Portfolio

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Yes, of course. The timing of the service and its cost depends on the tasks and the number of servers. Please, contact us via chat, and we’ll gladly advise you.

Yes, of course. It’s possible in one case if there are no servers in your infrastructure. Otherwise, you cannot do without this service/part of the job.

There can be several reasons for this. The first step is always to find the cause and then solve it. For example, there is no connection to a remote desktop (no Internet, no server). It’s the most common problem in such situations.

The cost of maintaining a server depends on several factors, but you can start with a minimum price of 1900 UAH/month.

If the server is on our service, you need not do anything. Your server is added to our monitoring, and the administrators will immediately see that the server is unavailable and will restore it.

All. We service dedicated and virtual servers, on Unix-like systems and Windows.

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