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NOC: a comprehensive approach to network management. The specifics of working with the online entertainment industry

Client: Online entertainment industry

Due to the nature of the work, the client had special requirements for network management as well as security to avoid devastating cyber-attacks.


IT support


Organise a network that is secure from cyber-attacks


The organisation of access to the network with reserved L3 communication channels, automatic transfer to the reserve channel in case of failure of the main one.

L2-level access protection, 802.1x operation, Radius+LDAP+FreeIPA communication on the backend.

Automatic selection of the communication channel for delay-sensitive traffic.

Link aggregation to increase bandwidth.

Clustering of Internet access gateways to provide a resilient Internet access service.

Stacking of L2 network equipment for fault tolerance.

Wi-Fi planning of the number and location of access points in offices.

Wi-Fi network security, WPA-Enterprise, communication with FreeRadius and LDAP on the backend.

Fault diagnosis and analysis, centralised log collection and monitoring of network equipment.

Providing a scalable fault-tolerant solution for connecting remote offices, both via the centre and directly (DMVPN, ADVPN). Encryption of traffic between them using redundant and encrypted channels.

Connecting and providing partial/full access of 'outsider/partner' networks to the enterprise cloud and corporate network.

Centralised network infrastructure management using the Fortimanager cloud controller.

Providing remote access to the company's corporate network.

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