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Organising an office relocation to another country

Client: Online entertainment industry

To move the 15-person team from Kyiv to Tbilisi, the client needed help in preparing the workplaces in the new office and setting up all the systems.


Support for offices and any other locations


To build a network, video, and an access control system at the site. To prepare workplaces.


After examining the new office, we estimated the amount of equipment needed. Thus, we decided to purchase some of it in Ukraine to save time and money. Once all the equipment had been purchased, delivered and installed, our specialist in Georgia ordered the connection of two ISPs (primary and backup), which ensured a stable Internet connection. Then he installed the OS, software, configured OS disks encryption, accounts and connected all the necessary equipment.


The new office was up and running in just ten days, with the help of a single IT specialist, and the team could continue working smoothly on projects in another country.

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