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How did we adapt to war conditions?

Writing about the war is difficult and painful. Russia took a colleague away from us. Alas, no one in Ukraine is safe, no matter how far from the front line one may be. It is impossible to get used to this feeling, but it is necessary to adapt – to spite the enemy and for the sake of our victory. We seem to be succeeding.

How it all began?

The OS.ECO team returned to work a long time ago, but the first weeks after February 24 were not before that. Deep down, we had no doubt that Kiev would survive, but years of work taught us to always have a backup plan. So in the first few days, we were busy evacuating loved ones to a quiet and relatively safe place — away from the front line and missile strikes. Fortunately, IT outsourcing is possible wherever there is a stable Internet. And where there is no Internet… we have found a way to fix it. But about it a little later.

Do you feel like you’re not doing enough, no matter how much you do? Scientists call it survivor’s guilt. Like many Ukrainians, we fought with him, plunging his head into work, and who into volunteering. Nikita Asaulenko, the timlead of one of our departments, worked for several months, interrupted only for food and sleep. Our clients needed his help getting things back on track during the war.

Taras Ostapenko, our CEO, did not leave colleagues in trouble, but helped the evacuees to settle in a new place:

Remotely purchased and organized the delivery of equipment to employees who went abroad;

Facilitated the creation of jobs for those who were away from home;

He found ways to establish communication and the Internet even in remote villages.

We’ve done a lot of things remotely before. Now they became even more, and the company earned according to the laws of wartime: even more efficient, faster and more responsible.

Each has its own front

At first it seemed to us that at this difficult time there were only two worthy and really important occupations: to fight and to help those who are at war. Many of our employees have become volunteers. Now we devote more time to work. No, not because we are tired of helping the army. Over time, it became clear that everyone had to do what they did best. 

Remote administration, DevOps services, installation and maintenance of video surveillance, technical support of users (Service Desk) — in this we are the first. But where to find and how to get night-vision devices to the front line… experienced volunteers and many foundations do it better than we do. So we just do our job, help our clients, and don’t forget the army.

But we are convinced that assistance must be targeted. That is why we pay the most attention to the units where our relatives, friends and acquaintances serve. We buy and transfer laptops, printers and other office equipment, as well as radios, generators and just things that are missing. Each help is small, but it contributes to our victory.

Next Level

For years, we’ve been supporting the hardware, and if we’re building something from scratch, it’s just code. But war is the time to believe in yourself and take responsibility for a problem that seems to have no solutions. Thus «Summator» appeared. This is a device developed by us, allowing from several slow and unstable sources of the Internet to make one fast and reliable.

Such a device was lacking and our employees, who went to the villages with a weak 3G/4G-surface, and the army. Adder provides speed up to 150 mbit/s and stable connection even in motion, and is equipped with a backup power supply. Now we are testing and improving our development. Follow the updates in our blog, here you will find a lot of interesting things!

And we will all have victory and peace. Because good always wins!

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