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maintenance of video surveillance systems

Configuration and maintenance of a video surveillance system to monitor and secure your office or private property.

Maintaining video surveillance systems: The OS.ECO recipe for reliable work

We specialise in configuration and maintenance of a video surveillance systems in Kyiv and the region. The service includes:

Video surveillance analysis and design

Equipment purchase and installation

Setting up software packages

Security training and handover of ready-to-use systems

Video surveillance system maintenance in the data centre and the cloud storage

Every piece of equipment needs attention from time to time. Especially those on which the safety of your loved ones, your property or your business depends. Whether you encounter problems or want to avoid them through timely prevention, we know how to help you.

We support video surveillance systems on facilities:


Private houses



We're working with the cameras:


Hanwha Techwin​




Hanwha Techwin



When is video surveillance service needed?

Flats, private homes, offices, company premises – there are many places where video surveillance systems are installed. And the reasons for maintenance are always the same:

Technical failures

Modern systems are reliable, but no one is safe from power surges, recorder overheating due to dust, a broken hard drive or damaged cables and mountings.

Design and installation errors

In most cases, just setting up a video surveillance camera is not enough. The system has to be designed and installed correctly. Often we have to work on someone else's mistakes.


There are no limits to perfection. And it's not just a question of hardware and software capabilities, but also the correct installation and configuration of a surveillance camera.

In each of these cases, we will offer the best option in terms of functionality and cost.

Types of video surveillance system maintenance

There is no point in listing here all the difficulties and faults that we’ve encountered at OS.ECO over the years in installing and servicing video surveillance. Basically, there are only 2 types of such maintenance:


It's when everything is working as it should and as you want. We do preventive maintenance once a month, six months or a year – it depends on the nature of the system and the responsibility it has.


It's necessary when something has already gone wrong. In this case, a technician will arrive on-site within a few hours, carry out a comprehensive diagnosis and fix the problem.

Maintenance regulations for a video surveillance system in Kyiv

What is included in video surveillance maintenance? The answer to this question varies from case to case. Often we go through the whole cycle: we design the system, procure the equipment, configure the software, train the security service and support all components according to the contract. Sometimes we deal only with some of these services.

The price for video surveillance service includes:

Cleaning dust and dirt from the lens and body (up to and including complete disassembly), as well as repairing mechanical damage to the housing.

Checking the reliability of fasteners.

Diagnostics of controls and display elements.

Assessing the performance of protective systems.

Monitoring the coverage of the protected area and eliminating blind spots.

Checking cables and connectors.

Hardware diagnostics (including power supply units and hard drives).

Checking the correctness of the operating modes and updating the software.

How to calculate the cost of installing and maintaining video surveillance systems?

It’s as simple as that. To understand the costs, you need to order an exact calculation for installing and maintaining a video surveillance system. Our managers will be glad to help you with this. It all depends on the list of work required.

Why choose us?

That’s because OS.ECO is a leader in the field of installation and maintenance of video surveillance systems. And that’s not just an advertising cliché:

More than 10 years on the market

During this time, we have encountered all kinds of problems and learned how to solve them in the best possible way.

More than 100 major clients

We are talking about companies from a wide range of sectors. From business centres to industrial companies and from retail chains to IT companies.


We fix any fault within hours of the call. Our managers are in touch 24 hours a day, without holidays or weekends.

The price of video surveillance maintenance is the price of calmness and security. We’ll make sure, the cost is as low as possible, and your experience with us is as high as it can be. Contact us to make your video surveillance installation and maintenance a trouble-free affair.

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In the case of a break, we can perform diagnostics and repair work.

We can update the DVR software and, if necessary, restore the system access password.

If there is insufficient storage space for the archives, you can calculate the required disk space and add a hard drive. If it’s not technically possible to add a drive, the existing one can be replaced with a larger one.

The technical lifetime of the system is 10 years. But during this period, technology is improving, and it is possible to upgrade to better-performing cameras without having to wait for the equipment to fail.

The frequency of system maintenance depends on external factors (weather, physical, technical), location, the complexity of the system, type of equipment used, quality of cable materials and its laying. But at least once every 3 months.

Any modern video surveillance system provides a live-streaming service or watching video archives via the Internet.

It’s possible to protect video surveillance from hacking by using more complex passwords and restricting network access. It’s also possible to use encrypted data channels such as VPN or with restricted access such as Proxy.

You can combine these systems if a manufacturer of one of these systems provides such an ability. Another way is to use third-party software that has made it possible to integrate popular security systems.

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